And Jesus Stopped

And Jesus stopped. Luke 18:40

Mark gave him a name, Bartimaeus. On the Jerusalem side of Jericho, he plied his trade, begging. Honest begging is hard work. And Bartimaeus was an honest beggar. He was blind. Yet, rather than have others bring him a piece of bread, he took such measures as he could. By the side of a well-traveled road, he made his own case for the charity he needed.

On a particular day, and aren’t they all particular, he heard the rumble of an unusually large crowd making its way toward him. If it was a religious crowd, it might well be fruitful for him. There was always one in such a crowd who needed to impress others with their compassion. A little competition among the self-righteous never hurt a beggar’s feelings at all.

Then Bartimaeus caught wind of a name. Jesus. And a place. Nazareth. Men who can’t see do well to learn to listen. Bartimaeus had been listening to the chatter about this Jesus. From north to south, the rumor of him had run the length of the land.

Bartimaeus heard that Jesus was the son of David. That wasn’t just any title. It was a title of the Messiah. Concerning him, they all knew that “the sun of righteousness shall rise with healing in its wings.” (Malachi 4:2)

“Have mercy on me.” It was the simplest of prayers from the most desperate of hearts. And it moves God like no other. And Jesus stopped…

To be continued…

What a Savior he is!

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