A Reading Lesson


Luke 6:9 – Have you not read…

Sometimes I read without comprehending because I am so distracted. At other times I am just too tired to comprehend. Whatever the cause, I have often looked up only to realize I had no clue what I just read.

But there is another way to miss what we read. It is possible to read in search of one thing and thereby to miss the thing that is truly there. The men to whom Jesus spoke in Luke 6:9 were of this last type. They searched the Scriptures to prove the rightness of their deeds. They looked for themselves and they found themselves. They looked into the divine mirror, not forgetting what they saw, but actually liking what they saw. They were not looking for God. Little surprise then that they did not find him.

Jesus asked an important question. Have you not read the Scriptures? And did you read them as another exercise in justifying yourself, a kind of celebration of your own holiness? Or were you hungry to find him who alone is holy? When we approach the Scriptures to hear rather than to prove or to tell, we begin to discover that he who alone is holy is also full of the most amazing grace.

I cannot know what those men saw when they read the passage about David eating the sacred bread reserved for the priests. But I do know what they did not see, what Jesus saw so plainly, that God’s compassion for his servant was far, far greater than man’s mistaken idea of what constitutes holiness.

God’s laws are designed to lead us to him, not to separate us from him. They do indeed shine the light on his holiness and our sin. They do so in order to drive us to the cross. There we may fall down in adoration of a heart so pure, a grace so complete, and a love so enduring that we may rise to think less of ourselves and more of him.

For what a wonderful Savior he is!





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